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Whirl helps you plan playful Sunday school experiences that are rooted in church life. Through well-designed leader materials, engaging leaflets, captivating videos, lively music, and easy-to-use resources for large groups and worship, Whirl equips leaders to bring the lectionary to kids in a new and powerful way.

Date, Lesson/Theme, Focus for each Sunday lesson.  We are currently in Winter Year A.

Each week, kids in Whirl Lectionary Sunday school watch a three-minute video featuring animated characters who encounter fun, adventure, and surprises as they meet up at their church and in their community. Each episode is rooted in the day’s theme and shows the kids living out faith in a wide range of situations. No matter what the challenge, the kids in the Whirl videos are ready to show kids that a life in the church is a great place to meet friends, explore the Bible, and grow in faith!

Each Whirl leader guide includes an extra grade level specific “Our Church” activity that goes beyond the classroom to connect kids with people, places, and things related to your own congregation.  This chart will help you gather additional supplies, invite guests in advance, and plan for special events, worship, or art projects as they fit into your church’s context and Sunday school schedule.

You’ll need three types of supplies for each Whirl lesson.
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