Crucifer Instructions


Crucifer - Latin, from crucis (cross) + ferre (to bear): A person who carries the cross, as in a church procession.

As a crucifer, you are given a new privilege, that of carrying the processional cross in and out of the sanctuary during worship. The cross you bear is the most important symbol of the Christian faith. The cross was an instrument of horrible death, and yet by the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus, we have been given new life and eternal hope for the future. The 9th grade confirmation class is given the privilege of serving as crucifers. Your responsibilities include:

Wearing crucifer alb with appropriate cincture (matching the liturgical season)

Taking the processional cross before the service to the back of the sanctuary

Leading the procession during the opening hymn, standing with the cross at the top of the steps in front of the altar, and placing the cross in its stand

Walk at a leisurely pace - don’t poke, but don’t run. Our aisle is very short, so walk with dignity.

During festival services (Reformation, All Saint’s, Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, etc.) a full gospel procession will require you processing up the aisle with the cross to 2/3rds back, and returning following the reading of the gospel. Pastor Paul or Raul will let you know if a gospel procession is a part of the service your day of service.

Sitting up front and participating in the service

Assisting the acolytes as needed

Assisting with full and empty wine trays during communion distribution - stand with a full tray in front of the altar, hand a full tray to the server, and the server hands their empty tray to the acolyte, while you take the acolyte’s full tray of empty glasses to the credence table. Carefully stack the trays and bring back another full tray for the next server.

During services with intinction, stand behind the servers with a tray full of extra bread.

After communion, as the post-communion canticle begins, take the processional cross from its stand and recess to the back of the sanctuary down the main aisle. During the benediction stand in front of the baptismal font, facing the front. After the dismissal, after the service, you may carefully make your way down the side aisle with the cross, return it to its stand, and carefully hang up your robe and cincture.

Worship, process, and stand with dignity - this is a worship service, and you are old enough and mature enough to participate as a growing young adult.

If you cannot make your assigned Sunday, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. The schedule will be published with the newsletter, or can be found on the website. A list of your class and phone numbers will be sent to you.

Your service as a crucifer fulfills an important role in the worship. This service is also partially in place of further sermon notes. Attend to it with the faithful service it requires. 

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