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Our Church Council
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Term ending January 2018
Linda Broman(Secretary)
Dean Heltemes(Vice President)
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Term ending January 2018
September 2017 Council Corner

Greetings from your Council President, 

For this month’s Council Corner, I thought I would highlight volunteerism and the importance of volunteering at FOG and in our local community.
Here are a few reasons each of you should consider 
· Help others 
· Make a difference 
· Find purpose 
· Enjoy a meaningful conversation 
· Connect with your community 
· Feel involved 
· Contribute to a cause that you care about 
· Use your skills in a productive way 
· Develop new skills 
· Meet new people 
· Explore new areas of interest 
· Meet good people 
· Impress yourself 
· Expand your horizons 
· Get out of the house 
· Make new friends 
· Strengthen your resume 
· Feel better about yourself
Some people are motivated by altruistic values or some seek social justice while others see service as a way to enable a democratic political system.

Whatever your reason, we believe volunteering can transform you and the world around you.
Please consider finding an area you can volunteer here at FOG (Even if it’s stepping in on a committee one time to see if it’s of an interest you may like to try)

Thanks for those who already volunteer. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member or myself.

David Loos Council President 


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