Into the Shining Brightness

Liturgical Artwork

"Into the Shining Brightness"
Given by Cathryn Frankenberg and Family in memory of Patrick D. Frankenberg, 1996
Into the Shining Brightness is a six-panel fiber artwork created by Marjorie Ford of Cantraip Studio, Minneapolis, MN./
Lowest Panel
The symbols refer to the baptism of Christ and to our own baptism.
Second Panel
Inspired by Matthew 3:16-17

"...and at that moment heaven opened; he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove to alight upon him: and a voice from heaven was heard saying, 'This is my son, my Beloved, on whom my favor rests.'"
Center Panel
Inspired by three Bible Verses:

Isaiah 27: 19:  "O dwellers in the dust, awake and sing for joy!  For your dew is a radiant dew, and the earth will give birth to those long dead."
1 Corinthians 15: 20:  "But in fact Christ has been first raised from the dead, the fruits of those who have died."
Luke 24: 50-51:  "...lifting up his hands, he blessed them while he was blessing them, he withdrew from them and was carried up to heaven."
Top Three Panels
Inspired by two Bible Verses:

Mark 12:25:  "for when they rise from the dead, they . . . are like angels in heaven."
Daniel 12:3:  "Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever."
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