Sunday Greeters & Hosts


We all appreciate a hospitable environment and want to find that at church. Our building and services are public and open to all, in Christ’s name. Some who come to worship have a special need for renewal or comfort. Our hope is that all members and visitors, adults and the young, will see a friendly face when they arrive at Family of God.

As a host, please stand near the front entrance and welcome people as they enter. A smile and a “good morning” are fine—whatever is natural for you. In warm weather, try standing outdoors to welcome.

Be especially alert for people who seem unfamiliar with the church. Ask if you can help. Direct visitors to the sanctuary, classrooms, nursery, restrooms as necessary.

Answer questions about the church or seek out staff or others who may be able to answer. Follow up with people as appropriate when you are circulating after the service.  

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